Les Cafés SATI

Highlight relationship between Art, Industry and the City.

Since 2013, “les Talents SATI” aims to support emerging talent coming from most important art schools in Europe and reaffirm the close link that an industrial company must maintain with its territory.

Café SATI is a family business deeply rooted in Alsace since 1926. 3 generations have passed down a specific roasting know-how. With the Talents SATI, the company wishes to support young contemporary artists graduated or enrolled in one of 10 participating european art school.

7 editions of Talents SATI have already highlighted several young european promising talents, with courageous projects of undeniable artistic quality.

Taking advantage of the exceptional location of its roastery at the Rhine port in Strasbourg, the company wishes to highlight in an original way the facade overlooking the Vauban basin. With a budget of 5 500 € for the purchase of rights, plus the total coverage of production costs, les Talents SATI offers to an artist or a collective the opportunity to invest in the Strasbourg roastery by installing their work there.

The Schulé family, owners of the Café SATI company, have always had a keen interest in the diversity of contemporary creation in various fields such as the plastic arts, photography and design.

By launching “les Talents SATI”, they aim to support emerging talents coming from the most important art schools in Europe and make stronger the link between an industrial company must maintain with its territory.