Les lauréats 2020 : Elie Bouisson et Maéva Sanz

Maéva Sanz was born in 1997. After a diploma in graphic design at ENSAAMA, she studied at the Beaux-Arts de Cergy where she made her first videos. Maéva has a video and photographic practice in which the human being is placed at the centre. Between documentary and experimental practices, she immerses herself in environments that take her away from her habits. It is necessary to see and to make seen.

She recently presented a video installation in a group exhibition at gb agency.

Elie Bouisson, a graduate of the HEAR, has a practice of sculpture in which the process has an important place. He works with different materials but his main tool remains his body. With which he moulds, he digs, he sculpts. It is necessary to get into action. His last installation in the Box du Crac de Montbéliard last January testifies to his pleasure in working in situ. Before that, he had taken part in the contemporary art tour “Aparté” in Paris organised by the Collectif Embrayage or in the exhibition “On s’infiltrer” at the Musée Historique de la Ville de Strasbourg. He currently works between Paris and Strasbourg.

Time is at the centre of their thinking. The duo wanted to capture the present moment and slow down this notion of time in a world in constant motion. “Situ Sati is a counterpoint in a world with a frenetic lifestyle. »

Œuvre « Situ Sati »

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