Fakultät für Gestaltung Hochschule Pforzheim

A course of studies at the internationally renowned Pforzheim University guarantees a pragmatic education coupled with forward- looking thinking and design.

The number of students in the Faculty for Design/DESIGN PF, which is deliberately kept small, allows for individual support of each student and preserves a familiar atmosphere. The School of Design offers Bachelor’s Degrees in Accessory Design, Fashion Design, Industrial Design, Transportation Design, Jewellery Design and Visual Communications.

Furthermore, the school also offers Master’s Degrees in Transportation Design and Creative Direction. Almost 700 prospective designers from Germany and around the world study at the School of Design, which can trace its history back to 1877. We expect a high degree of commitment, innovation and motivation from our students. In return, the University offers the best conditions in which to evolve artistic talents and develop a personal design profile, thus ensuring long-term career success. The high quality of the courses at the Pforzheim School of Design is confirmed time and again by independent rankings. The American magazine >Business Week< considers the School of Design in Pforzheim to be one of the 60 top educational institutions for design in the world -alongside universities such as Harvard, Stanford and MIT. In the ranking of Focus Magazine, the faculty ranks 2nd in Germany.


Other partners in Europe

Prejury results

Under Jean-Paul Roland chairmanship, head of Eurockeennes de Belfort,  the Talents SATI Jury met on 11 June 2021 to study 32 projects proposed by emerging artists from art schools in Belgium, France, Switzerland and Germany.

For the 8th edition, the jury selected :

  • LA VOIE D’EAU DU CAFÉ, by Fabian Zaehner (CH)
  • L’ODYSÉE DU QUOTIDIEN, by Roza Sayfullaeva / Ana-Maria Pojoga (FR)
  • ARCADIA, by Victoria Kieffer (FR)

The artists were invited to present their project to the final jury on 30 june 2021 in Strasbourg, together with one tutored project from KASK (BE) – PATIENCE IS NO LONGER A BEAUTIFUL VIRTUE, by Kristin Helgadottir.

Résultats du préjury

Sous la présidence de Jean-Paul Roland, directeur des Eurockéennes de Belfort,  le jury des Talents SATI s’est réuni le 11 juin 2021 pour étudier 32 projets d’artistes issus des écoles d’art de Belgique, France, Suisse et Allemagne.

Pour la 8e édition, le jury a sélectionné :

  • LA VOIE D’EAU DU CAFÉ, de Fabian Zaehner (CH)
  • L’ODYSÉE DU QUOTIDIEN, de Roza Sayfullaeva / Ana-Maria Pojoga (FR)
  • ARCADIA, de Victoria Kieffer (FR)

Les artistes, ainsi qu’un projet turoré de l’école KASK (BE) – PATIENCE IS NO LONGER A BEAUTIFUL VIRTUE, Kristin Helgadottir ont été invités à présenter leur projet lors du jury final le 30 juin 2021 à Strasbourg.

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