7th edition -Urban art

A yearly project to highlight relationship between Art, Industry and the City.

in France, Germany and Switzerland

Les Talents SATI is a call for proposal dedicated to young artists enrolled in some european art schools.

They are invited to  invest the façade of the Café Sati roasting plant located at the Rhine port on the border between Kehl and Strasbourg. The selected project will benefit an exceptional visibility in the public space.

an exceptional visibility in the public space

square meter
vehicles per days
1 year
of exposition
7 th

The Sky's The Limit

dedicated to artists from one of the partner schools

The Talents SATI 2020 call for projects is reserved for students regularly enrolled or coming from one of the higher arts schools in France, Switzerland or Germany with one of the following characteristics:

  • Artists who have graduated from one of the partner schools for 5 years or less
  • Students or groups, regularly enrolled in one of the partner schools

Pitch your projet

an international jury

The jury is composed as follow:

  • 3 qualified people from the artistic and cultural world
    of Germany, France and Switzerland.
  • 2 people from the economic world
  • An executive of Café SATI (final jury only)
  • A representative of the School of Art invited in 2021


2 steps of selection

The jury will meet twice during the selection process.

> pre-selection

The jury will choose 3 projects from all the individual entries from all schools and will examine one project submitted by the invited school (in 2020 the Hochschule Luzern)

> selection

Among the 4 projects, at the end of a development period, the jury will choose the winner and the project will run into into production.

Technical requirements

The final work must be reproduced on the façade of the Café SATI factory in 19.80 x 6.80 m format in a technique to be defined by the company (stretched tarpaulin, paint, posters). 

No limits or constraints have been set about the artistic techniques used to create the work.
The technical production of the work will be entrusted to a production company which will coordinate the work under the supervision of the artists.

Prizes and award

Talents SATI of the year

The winning project will be produced and installed and will benefit :

  • a grant of 4 000 € (in the form of purchase of rights)
  • the full coverage of the costs of production, installation and maintenance funded by Cafés SATI

Individual projects that have been shortlisted but not selected will receive a grant of 500 € each.

Transport costs are covered by the organization.

Call for proposal 2020

Key dates

Because of the difficulties experienced by applicants due to the coronavirus outbreak, the deadlines for submission to the TALENTS SATI have been extended.
New application date : 8 June 2020

Application deadline

Students or young artists must submit their application by noon on 13 April 2020 8 June 2020 via email at contact@lestalentssati.com (please use wetransfer.com in case total files size is  more than 12Mb).
The application should include the following information:

  • the fully filled participation form, dated and signed
  • a short CV of the artist or artist's collective (around 300 words)
  • a detailed description of the artistic project (max. 1 A4 page, around 500 to 600 words)
  • a visualization of the artistic project, this can be a sketch, photographs, video stills etc. (as pdf A3 page)

If you have any questions regarding the prerequisites, just contact us here at contact@lestalentssati.com

8 June 2020

Shortlist of 3 projects from the individual entries

The jury will study the various proposals and invite 3 projects to refine and specify its development with a view to the final jury. The selected artists will then have until May 10, 2020 end of August (to be confirmed) to refine their project and submit a completed file of the first sketches and production intentions.

12 June 2020

Selection and production

The artists invited by the Jury and the tutored project team must present their project before the final jury to be held in Strasbourg on 14 May 2020.
The selected artist or collective must finalize their project and the execution work is scheduled to be carried out in september by a service company.

early September 2020

Project reveal

During a special event in strasbourg, the project is revealed to the public.

9 October 2020

Apply now !

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Taking advantage of the exceptional location of its factory at the Rhine port in Strasbourg, the company wishes to highlight in an original way the facade overlooking the Vauban basin. With a budget of €5,000 for the purchase of rights, plus the total coverage of production costs, “les Talents SATI” offers to an artist or a collective the opportunity to invest in the Strasbourg factory by installing their work there.

The Schulé family, owners of the Café SATI company, have always had a keen interest in the diversity of contemporary creation in various fields such as the plastic arts, photography and design.

Since 2013, “les Talents SATI” contributes to the detection of talents coming from most important art schools in Europe and reaffirm the close link that an industrial company must maintain with its territory.


Because of the difficulties experienced by applicants due to the coronavirus outbreak, the deadlines for submission to the TALENTS SATI have been extended to 8 June 2020.

In the meantime, take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Talents SATI Team

délai d'inscription prolongé

En raison de la période de confinement exigée par la pandémie coronavirus, le planning de l’édition 2020 a été révisé et la date de dépôt des dossiers a été reportée au
8 juin 2020.

En attendant, prenez tous soin de vous et vos proches !

L’équipe des Talents SATI