Contemporary art in the city

New talents to highlight links between Art, Industry and the city

Les Talents SATI is a call for proposal dedicated to young artists enrolled in 10 european art schools.

They are invited to  invest the façade of the Café Sati roasting plant located at the Rhine port on the border between Kehl and Strasbourg. The selected project will benefit an exceptional visibility in the public space.

Due to the health situation, and to allow as many people as possible to participate,
the deadline for applications has been extended to June 2, 2021.

m2 wide
vehicle per day
1 year
8 th

Pitch your project
to a european jury

The jury will meet twice in the selection process to choose and follow projects.

The jury consists in : 

  • 3 qualified people from the artistic, cultural and economic world
    of Belgium, Germany, France and Switzerland.
  • An executive of Café SATI (final jury only)
  • A representative of the School of Art invited in 2022
june 2021

Preselection of projects

You are invited to send a complete project which consists in:

  • a presentation of the participant(-s) (bio max 300 words),
  • a detailed description of the artistic project (max. 1 A4 page, around 500 to 600 words)
  • a visualization of the artistic project, this can be a sketch, photographs, video stills etc.

The jury will study the various proposals and invite 3 projects to refine and specify its development with a view to the final jury. 

The invited school (this year Gent, Belgium) will develop one more tutored project to be presented to the next step. 

The selected artists will then have until mid-june 2021 (to be confirmed) to refine their project and submit a completed file of the first sketches and production intentions.

The final work must be reproduced on the façade of the Café SATI factory in 19.80 x 6.80 m format in a technique to be defined by the company (stretched tarpaulin, paint, posters). 

No limits or constraints have been set about the artistic techniques used to create the work.
The technical production of the work will be entrusted to a production company which will coordinate the work under the supervision of the artists.

end June 2021

Talents SATI 2021

Among the 4 projects, at the end of a development period, the jury will choose the winner and the project will run into into production.

The artists invited by the Jury and the tutored project team must present their project before the final jury. 

Depending on COVID-19 pandemic situation, the presentation will stand physically in Strasbourg or in vision end of June 2021 (date to be confirmed)

July-August 2021

Production and installation

The selected artist or collective must finalize their project and the execution work is scheduled to be carried out in summer 2021  by a service company..

During a special event in strasbourg, the project is revealed to the public.

Depending on COVID-19 pandemic situation, the event could stand online.

they have tried

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Prejury results

Under Jean-Paul Roland chairmanship, head of Eurockeennes de Belfort,  the Talents SATI Jury met on 11 June 2021 to study 32 projects proposed by emerging artists from art schools in Belgium, France, Switzerland and Germany.

For the 8th edition, the jury selected :

  • LA VOIE D’EAU DU CAFÉ, by Fabian Zaehner (CH)
  • L’ODYSÉE DU QUOTIDIEN, by Roza Sayfullaeva / Ana-Maria Pojoga (FR)
  • ARCADIA, by Victoria Kieffer (FR)

The artists were invited to present their project to the final jury on 30 june 2021 in Strasbourg, together with one tutored project from KASK (BE) – PATIENCE IS NO LONGER A BEAUTIFUL VIRTUE, by Kristin Helgadottir.

Résultats du préjury

Sous la présidence de Jean-Paul Roland, directeur des Eurockéennes de Belfort,  le jury des Talents SATI s’est réuni le 11 juin 2021 pour étudier 32 projets d’artistes issus des écoles d’art de Belgique, France, Suisse et Allemagne.

Pour la 8e édition, le jury a sélectionné :

  • LA VOIE D’EAU DU CAFÉ, de Fabian Zaehner (CH)
  • L’ODYSÉE DU QUOTIDIEN, de Roza Sayfullaeva / Ana-Maria Pojoga (FR)
  • ARCADIA, de Victoria Kieffer (FR)

Les artistes, ainsi qu’un projet turoré de l’école KASK (BE) – PATIENCE IS NO LONGER A BEAUTIFUL VIRTUE, Kristin Helgadottir ont été invités à présenter leur projet lors du jury final le 30 juin 2021 à Strasbourg.

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