Projects selected for 2020

Under Kevin Muhlen’s chairmanship, director of the Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, the Talents SATI Jury met on 12 June 2020 to study more than 40 projects proposed by emerging artists from art schools in France, Switzerland and Germany.

For the 7th edition, the jury selected :

  • Vitrail, by Magali Brueder (FR)
  • Interwoven Flowers, by Fabienne Immoos and Cornelia Gassler (CH)
  • Situ Sati, by Elie Buisson and Maéva Sanz (FR)

The artists are invited to present their project to the final jury on 25 August 2020 in Strasbourg : including the tutored project from Hochschule Luzern Design and Kunst, the jury will choose the Talents SATI 2020 among 4 projects.